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For business travelers and tourists visiting Amsterdam it can be quite a challenge to play tennis during your stay at the level of quality you have grown accustomed to. Therefore, Amsterdam Tennis Academy offers you an exclusive service where you can compose and request your personal tennis training session. We will then offer you a proposal with program and costs accordingly. This can be for a single hour private session or for several hours no matter what your level of experience is.

Amsterdam Tennis Academy wil also take care off professional tennis material so all you need is some sports gear and a healthy spirit!

Amsterdam Tennis Academy is located in the Frans Otten Stadium in the heart of Amsterdams business centre Zuidas and right next to the Olympic Stadium. The Frans Otten Stadium offers excellent facilities and has, among other sporting facilities, 8 professional indoor tennis courts. The head coach of Amsterdam Tennis Academy has been allied with the stadium since the nineties, has over 35 years of coaching experience and is licensed by the Dutch Royal Tennis Federation.

If you are interested in a training session you can contact Amsterdam Tennis Academy by phone, e-mail or ask your hotel concierge to arrange it for you. Sessions are available from 7 am onwards depending on availability.

For more information about Amsterdam Tennis Academy and rates you can browse through our website.
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